Tour de London - Intro


Sequels suck. That is universal truth. Unless you are talking about T2, Raid 2, Godfather, Dark Knight, Evil Dead 2. But I digress.

So here I am in London again for another vacation in two years and this trip has got a sequel stink all over it.

The purpose of the trip is to celebrate my sister's graduation from the Royal College of Witchcraft. Or maybe its Art? Who cares. Unfortunately calling her a witch is now a pat on her back. I still don't know what she has learnt these last two years. Something between critiquing art to turning frogs into uglier frogs. Last thing she tried to show me was flying a kite without strings, if there is wind to help. Plus whats the point if you can't come pick up your brother on your broom and then he has to buy a ticket to fly in? But I digress. Back to London.

My favorite activity last time was aimlessly wandering Central London finding new and exciting places, some hidden, off the beaten path attractions. And I was successful to some extent. I saw The Laughing Cavalier at the Wallace collection, the spooky biological specimens at the Hunterian museum, wandering through neighbourhoods discovering buildings and places and people, staring with wide eyed wonderment.
Everything was new and exciting.

The first time I was here, everything was shiny, new, exciting, something extraordinary just by the sheer characteristic of being not Toronto perhaps. I remember vivid details of the most insignificant things. Even street lamps and post boxes looked fascinating. This trip I know what to expect, a sense of having seen everything that is to see here perhaps. Time to either find exciting new things to do here or maybe just go with the flow and see what comes my way.

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