Tour de London - Day 8


Today we went to visit Queen's residence - Windsor Palace. This is the longest serving residence of a monarch in the world. 900 years and counting. Which begs the question why I had to wait 8 days for an invitation, in the end having to show up on my own. Get your shit together queenie.

As one of the Old Ones fell under the spell of mother nature, and the second one had a meeting in 3 hrs, the adventure was going to be speedy, full commando style.

We walked past the main entrance, handed the free audio guide to dad, and got in line for the royal suites in under an hour. Though photography was not allowed, I quickly changed my mind soon as I was inside. Once past Princes Margarets Doll House, through the display of weopons and spoils of war (Tipu Sultan sure gets prominently featured anytime there is a display on India. For my only reader - more on that bald bad ass here)
to the Waterloo memorial room and the royal rooms with the throne of sorts. I slowly reconsidered my decision to follow the no photography. The Security looked liked Jason Statham doubles. I dunno about this. But lets see if I can.

So in the throne room, as the crowd walked past me, I took out my phone as if checking something. Quick check, the shot was in focus. I looked at the guard again. He seemed distracted by the Spanish college group ahead of us. Ready, set, 3, 2,1, Click!

The room went silent. I slowly looked behind myself. I was the only one in the room. As I turned my head I saw I was not alone.

The previously empty throne was now occupied by someone resembling Queen Elizabeth I. The other chairs in the rooms were now occupied by her courtiers and advisers. They all looked at me with surprise and anger as if I had disrupted something.

Was my mind playing tricks on me? I looked around but for intents it seemed as if I had traveled to the 17th century with an IPhone in my hand.

"WHO IS THIS INTRUDER?" shouted the Queen.

Before I could reply one her guards stepped forward.

"My Queen, the trespasser has broken the sacred laws of stealing an image of Queens seat of power."

"What is your name? Where are you from?" she asked.

"My name is umm Muji. I am from Canada"

"Canada? You do not look like a settler or a native. You are a liar and and you have broken the law! Take him to the tower!"

Was I dreaming? I tried to protest, but got cautioned to only speak to her highness when spoken to. The guards came and siezed me. Right then I heard a familiar a whirring sound. I knew who it was! But it cant be! I must be dreaming!

Behind me a blue police box appeared and out came the Doctor!

"Hello Queen! Miss me? Of course you have, cant help it. Been away, sorry about that, will drop soon for a little - umm chat."

What was happening? Was this real life? I looked at the queen and the same queen that wanted to send me to the tower, was now blushing!

Doctor grabbed my hand "By the way, just came here up my friend Muji here, just a fellow traveler of mine from Sport Alienistan. Gotta go! Allonsy!"

And just like that I was inside the TARDIS


"Okay Muji, taking you back where you came from. How was the photo?"

I looked at my phone and the photo was no longer there.

"No time for an explanation but you will be better off without the it."

"What do you mean?" I asked

"You will find out soon enough if you investigate." He pushed a lever on the console and I blanked out only to wake up at the exact same place I took the photo. Everything had gone back to the way it was before. I tried to keep calm and moved along. Now what is it that I should investigate? Hmm.

Anyways, photos:

alt alt alt alt alt alt alt alt

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