Tour de London - Day 5

featured So my sister graduated today. Critical Writing For Art & Design. It was only a few years back when she moved from drawing on walls to learning English. My mom would scream at her "You are twenty, stop ruining the walls"
I took up the challenge to teach her English. Within a week, she had learnt all nursery rhymes and written them up on the walls in our house.

Fast forward to today, she has a Masters degree! All the best to her, with the note that I can still write better than her! Booyah!

Her actual course of study was obviously witchcraft. How else does one go from drawing stick figures to writing critical essays?

We all gathered in the morning at Royal Albert Hall for the ceremony. All proud and happy that she is finally done school, now she can jump on her broom, fly off on her own and terrorise a neighbourhood other than ours. I am not the jealous type but when you share the same stage as Led Zeppelin
and Sir Ridley Scott (Alumni Speaker - only the guy who directed this and this and this) and not know who they are, there is this feeling you have which only a double facepalm could express.

After learning the names of half the graduating coven, she marched on stage and got the confirmation, a skull full of blood and a ceremonial broom stick with the school emblem. She was given her diploma, with the coat of arms of the Esoteric Order of Dagon.


That actually puts my experience from yesterday in perspective. Some ancient maleficence lurks under the grounds of this school. Perhaps it was a daydream, but I felt as if at one point the entire graduating coven was looking straight at me, without blinking an eye. The only thing I could at this point was to get as far away as possible, and eat fish and chips. And I did.

After enduring another day of merciless London traffic at rush hour, I am back home. As the wind picks up and dark clouds bursts forth in rain, I feel as if I am being watched by someone or something. Of all the trees swaying in the wind, the one right across does not seem to shake at all. I must sleep and not let this drive me to madness. More adventures await me in London.

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