Tour de London - Day 4


Today I got to visit the Royal College of Witchcraft. My sister had to pick up her graduation robes so I tagged along.

It was rather nondescript building, tucked right behind Albert Hall. The college shop had a cauldron sale on as well as an impressive collection of voodoo dolls. A few were human size, with eerily realistic faces. Hmmm. Let me remind you that during the day witches look like normal people. Beware!

While I stared at the oddities that this shop of wonders had, my sister walked ahead somewhere and I lost her track of her. In an attempt to find her, I somehow ended up ended walking down a flight of stairs and suddenly it seems I had walked into some sort of a labyrinth. There was a foulest stench is in the air, the funk of forty thousand years. As I wondered where I had walked into, a strange mist seemed to cover the floor. There was a strange noise coming from behind the walls. It seems as if there was something running away in mortal fear.

Everything in my body was simultaneously telling me to run away from this strange place and that its seems appropriate my sister came here to study. But as the mist grew, a strange humming noise surrounded me. And then I saw it. Through the mist, I could see a faint red colour emerge. It seems as if I was drawn towards it by some otherworldly force.
As the mist dispersed, I saw that it was a door. I was entranced.

Try as I might I could not pull away. Only thought I had in my mind was to open the door and see what lay beyond. My arm stretched out to unlock and open the door, a hand emerged from the darkness and grabbed my hand. I looked up to see who this person was. A bespectacled figure emerged from the darkness.

Before I could utter a word, he spoke "Do not step beyond this door"

"Who are you?" I barely recall saying the words. "Whats behind the door?"

"My name is Andrew and behind that door resides a being unnameable and unspeakable horror. It is older that the earth itself. It slumbers in the darkest recesses of Earth. That is where this door leads"

"But how do you know?" I asked. "I know you from somewhere. Your glasses. I have seem them before."

"I know because I was there, when this being chose came here, I was there when this planet formed, and I have also been to the day the Earth dies."

"A time traveler named Andrew?" And then it hits me "Are you Andrew Norton? You can't be, I thought that was just a legend."

"Yes, I am Andrew Norton. You might also know me as the Prisoner of London"

"Have you been beyond this door?"

"No. It is beyond my ability. When you cross that threshold, you are in a place beyond ours. Now go back before the ancient on awakes!"

There was much I wanted to ask but I heeded his advice and ran back. Once back up the stairs I looked back, to see nothing but an empty corridor of class rooms. Before I could even react, I bumped into my sister. She had grabbed her graduation robe and was looking where I was. I did not tell her what had just happened. I just wondered what being existed beyond that door, if I would see Andrew Norton again during my time in London.

The next adventure of the day was my second ever trip to a cricket ground. What made it amazing was that it was Lords Cricket Ground, where the laws if cricket were codified I believe sometime in the 19th century. It is one of the most historic cricket stadiums in the world. The heat dissipated and turned into a cool breezy evening. Now the only reader of this blog, will probably need a Cricket 101 which will be graciously offered at any time. You know how to reach me lol

So it was a super short version of the game called Twenty20 which lasts 3 hours in total, 20 overs in a innings. (bear with me my only reader, this will be over soon lol) The home team, Middlesex, batted first and lost the plot entirely in the first 10 overs. Rest was easy for the visitors Sussex.

Match was followed by some amazing Lebanese food at Edgeware Road. Onward to tomorrow, my sisters big graduation day. I hope I don't have any red door nightmares tonight.

Some photos for y'all








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