Tour de London - Day 3


London is not a city to walk around in the midst of heat wave. I was surprised by the lack of cooling in shops, trains and in the tube. Out with Old Ones to explore the British Museum, their already sparse enthusiam was washed away by sweat in the 20 minutes walk from Trafalgar square to the Museum. We had to take three breaks on the way, with only a coffee shop which had cooling inside.

Why the walk? Because being a newly affirmed citizen of the Dominion of Canada, I thought it my duty to respresent, or atleast check out the festivities at the Canadian Consulate at Trafalgar Square. But of course, they needed an ID for the only festivity, a tour of the Consulate and obviously I didn't have any. Canada why you do this?

So back to inferno, by the time we reached our destination it felt my brown ass had been grilled and deep fried at the same time.

The Old Ones went from this:

To this:

What should have been a walk through some of the most astonishing historical artifacts, turned into the equivalent of flipping through a book and just looking at the pictures. As penance for their ordeal, I had to make an offering of random snacks and my life was spared. Phew.

Time to head home and sleep. Old Ones will apparently need some VIP level effort to appease and entertain. Gaah!! Fist Shake!

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