Tour De London - Day 15


I had alot planned for the last day in London on this trip. But with a train to Paris at 4, it was best not to add too many items on the itinerary.

I got to Kings Cross St Pancras around 12 and wandered around the station till I remembered that I was walking distance from one of my intended destinations for the trip.

Within 15 minutes walk from the station lies the Old St Pancras Church. The church itself is austere, inside and out, in comparison with its many peers that occupy several spots in London. It does in my opinion have on its grounds something rather significant and that is the grave of Mary Wollstonecraft.

There are two reasons for its significance. Firstly she stands out as one if the first champions of women's rights thanks to her book "A Vindication of the Rights of Women". She along with her husband were the liberal intellectuals of the late eighteenth century. It was the groundwork laid by her that helped launch universal suffrage movements across the West.

The second reason is due to her daughter, Mary Shelly. Her grave was the spot where she would sneak out to meet Percy Shelly, a well known romantic poet of the age. While they met at her house, where Percy wanted to meet her father, another noted intellectual, her affair with a married Percy and their flight to the continent together is what later brought us the novel Frankenstein. The significance of that book is a whole other discussion as a timeless story, a classic of the age of romanticism. The journey to that began here:

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Once back at the station, it was time for the Eurostar.

And finally here we are in Paris - Paris, je t'aime! An hour on the metro, which reminded me of the chase in Le Samourai and after a 15 minutes walk we are at our apartment! Now lets plan for our 3 days in Paris.

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