Tour de London - Day 11


As part of my agreement to obey the wishes of the Old Ones, we headed to Oxford today. Small town England check. Famous university check. I did my O and A levels from Cambridge University so umm yeah suck it Oxford?

I was introduced to the city by watching Inspector Morse. A sucker for detective shows, I found it to be a nice town to visit.


Due to the outdated rituals of the religious month that far too complicated to explain or comprehend, we had 2.5 hours to explore, report back to the bus stop for the university and city center.

With her broom at the cleaners (the irony!) I set out on exploring the historic university with my sister on foot.

We first went to the Ashmolean museum, where I was surprised to find the "Mask of Agamemnon" from Troy.

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We then walked into Balliol College, where we discovered that the dining room was the what they based Hogwarts dining room on.

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The sun was beating down us at this point. The low rise buildings in England provide no respite from the sun. Locals aren't complaining, the 4 months of the year they see the sun.

We headed towards the college church where after a generous "donation" we made our way up the church tower and got some amazing panoramic shots of the campus and city.

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As time ran out, we did out best impression of Marty Mcfly only find the Old crew was waiting at the wrong. Huffing puffing we got to the park and ride, where I took a much needed nap.

We missed Christchurch cathedral and college, where Lewis Carroll used to teach Maths. But I guess we could leave it for the next time I will be here. Perhaps for my Masters? Hmm. For now I'll just grab the Oxford U rugby shirt.

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