Tour de London - Day 10


Nothing! Yes nothing is what happened today.
Old ones slumbered and mumbled while I made sure we stuck to our Excel-lently planned itinerary.

Nothing or zero, reminds me of the time a maths teacher introduced us to the definition of zero. Why? Because he was a theoretical mathematician and he was asked to go to each section of grade 11 to explain the importance of having clear concepts in mathematics instead of just problem solving.

So he took up a whole recess.
Then went on to define by logic the number zero, something about an empty set minus another empty set.

Then the following was said, verbatim:

"You need to understand the concepts when studying maths. When I say book, table, pen - you have a concept about them so you have an image in your head. But when I says belongo, you don't know whats mean belongo."

Stupefied, someone asked "Sir whats mean belongo?"

"Belongo is a river in Africa"

Yes, after this exchange, nothing he had said or would say mattered because for the next six months we had discovered a new word called belongo, almost sounds like bonga (idiot) squared.

So yeah there you go.

Some photos from my walk to the local park.

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