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I was drawn to the movie by the premise. Housebound, with an ankle bracelet, in a house that happens to be haunted? I’m in! The movie though is a different pace than the trailer suggests and, without spoiling anything about the plot, goes in a wonderfully different direction. Set in New Zealand, the plot departs from a straight forward narrative the trailer suggests, towards one that involves family drama, comedy along with the scares and shocks one expects from a horror movie. The writer and director did a great job in weaving the plot threads in together and you have in the end a surprisingly pleasing and enjoyable movie.

Should you watch it?

Definitely yes! Highly recommended. Its a real gem out of

ABCs of Death 2 I really really enjoyed the first ABCs of death. It is a very unique idea where you get to watch There were quite a few outstanding shorts in the anthology (D for Dogfight, L for Libido and x for XXL to name a few) while also including a considerable number of rather sub par efforts. ABCs of Death 2 definitely upped the game on the original. While there are fewer stand outs compared to the first, the overall quality of the shorts, hence the anthology as a whole is much better. One to stand out for sure was Z for Zygote. Other great shorts include W (Wish), Y (Youth), S (Split), V (Vacation), A (Amateur) and D (Deloused).
Should you watch it?
It’s not a movie for everyone but it’s definitely recommended to horror fans.

Dead Snow 2

Nazi Zombies! If you are a fan of horror, you don't need to hear much after that watch it. The original movie introduced us to the unique concept if the frozen cursed zombies. The story was nothing original but still it was a fresh take on the genre and quite fun. The sequel ups the game times ten! Nazi Zombies! Russian Zombies! Zombie Squad! Tons of kills - zombies and people. What makes it a great movie is that it is tonnes of fun. I could sense everyone in the theatre thoroughly engrossed and loving every minute.

Should you watch it?

A definite yes for any zombie fans out there.

Open Windows

I really enjoyed Elijah Wood in Maniac last year and soon as I saw him in Open Windows, it was on my shortlist for the festival. I loved the way it was shot, the whole movie was basically different windows open on a computer, hence "open windows". What let me down were certain details and plot points. I don’t think any movie about technology of today can really get away with random operating systems and Wi-Fi access with unbelievably awesome speeds. Well suspension of disbelief right? The plot is riveting but then it fizzles out and becomes quite predictable. Elijah is pretty decent and Sasha Grey doesn’t add more than one would expect her to.

Should you watch it?

It is a cool concept, production, cinematography and editing wise. Plot and script leave much desired. Watch if you can find it on DVD.


Timey Wimey, Wibbly Wobbly! Predistination definitely tests ones knowledge of time travel and takes dome liberties with known time travels rules. Well at least what we know from Hollywood, Doctor Who and Neil Degrasse Tyson. Ethan Hawke plays a temporal agent, travelling through time stopping crimes before they happen. For a time travel story it was good and you could say it’s a new twist on that genre on main screen, considering it’s based on short story published a while back. Ethan Hawke gives a solid performance and the story is intriguing to keep you glued to the very end.

Should you watch it?

If you are a fan of good indie scifi, check it out!

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