Paris Je T'aime - Day 1


Run! Hide! Paris is melting! Or so I felt our first day there. One can be forgiven for laughing at a Pakistani complaining about 35 degrees. But this Pakistani has been Canadianised enough to think twice about heading out in 30+ degrees. But it's just the first day, can't be that bad. After all we are in Paris! The city of love.

Day 1:
I am stuck in this city of love and romance with my sister. Well I guess she did just graduate so sure I'll suck it up and show her around. Well actually it was she who knew all the places to go and how to get there. I was more than happy to take a back seat. I have already done my share of logistics for this trip.

We wanted to get the main attractions out of the way so we could kick back and explore the city in the remaining days. So first up, Louvre.

I was pleasantly surprised that just as the landlord said, the bus below our apartment took us straight to the Louvre and took only 30 minutes. As the sun beat down us, we got in the huge line and then decided to take the other entrance to museum across the street. Time Saved!

As expected the biggest crowd was to see the Mona Lisa. I saw it from a distance, good enough.

A few more photos from Louvre:
alt alt alt alt alt alt

After an exhausting 4, or maybe 5, hours the Louvre expedition was done. My sister bailed halfway through and I pushed myself to see everything that I wanted to see. The collection no doubt is very impressive and it does require a visit without too much crowd and a lot of time on hand to really appreciate some of the masterpieces on display. Here are the few I found:

alt alt alt alt

Next up - Shakespeare and Company


After lunch we decided to hit up a recommendation on Anthony Bourdain, called Berthillon, a Gelaterie on the smaller island on Siene. Definitely worth the 15 minute walk. That man knows his food!


As the sun finally began to set, and our bodies pleaded mercy, we decided to head home for my baguette and cheese dinner. Bon Apetiti!

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