My TIFF 2014 Selection


Tiff is halfway through, but here is the list of movies I selected to see this year. I have posted short reviews of ones I have seen so far. I have kept them short so I watch the movies more than think about what to write about them. .Being a lazy ass cost me the chance to see The Sound and The Fury though I am sure it will be out in wide release eventually.

TOKYO TRIBE – (Thursday - Midnight)

Hip Hop and sword fights? I am in! I saw Why Don’t You Play in Hell last year (same director) and it was a riot! No coincidence it won the Midnight Madness People Choice last year.



DUKHTAR – (Friday – 7pm)

Gotta support the homeland wherever I can. I saw Reluctant Fundamentalist last year (thought not exactly a Paksitani production). Looks like a well-made movie, veteran cast and riding the wave of some good quality movies being produced in Pakistan recently.

Trailer (embed)


The Sound & The Fury – (Saturday – 9pm)

This looks very interesting, I am interested in Franco’s take on it, although from what I have read he has stayed true to the book.

  TUSK – (Sunday – 9:45pm)

Haven’t seen a Kevin Smith movie in a while and this looks really interesting! Hopefully might see him at the screening.



Goodnight Mommy – (Monday – 7pm)

Intriguingly creepy! I'm in.

REC 4 – (Tuesday – Midnight)

I saw the original Rec at TIFF way back and regardless of its0 imminent wider release, I will go watch final installment at the same festival.



The Tribe – (Wednesday – 9:45pm)

I'm always attracted with movies with intriguing settings. This one is about a gang of deaf mute students with no dialogues or subtitles.



The Editor - (Thursday - Midnight)

I remember watching the first Astron-6 Lazer Ghost 2and since then these guys from Winnipeg have put out quite a few movies which horror fans would love. There movies might be short on the horror and they are absolutely fun to watch as basically a fan love letters to the favorite genres. That's why I am looking forward to their next movie which definitely looks a ton of fun!


The Voices (Friday – 6pm)

Ryan Reynolds is always fun to watch. I picked this because I find the descent into madness story idea very interesting. Second reason was to finally see a movie by Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis).

What We Do In The Shadows – (Friday – Midnight)

This was the first movie that caught my eye in the Midnight Madness programme. Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) stars in this mockumentary about vampires living in New Zealand.



Who Am I – No System is Safe (Saturday – Noon)

Movie about hackers. I'm in.



X+Y – ( Sunday – 3:30pm)

Last movie, about a young math whiz and the unorthodox methods his teacher uses to help him, starring Asa Butterfield (Enders Game).


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