Le Samouraï (1967) - Review


Another movie, suggested by my sister - who would have thought! I had earlier learned of about the film though trying to find films that dealt with existentialism. Le Samourai (1967) was on all of them. Check out the trailer

Directed by Jean Pierre Melville, it is a story about a solitary hitman, who ends up on the run from the police and his boss. Deftly played by the cool, suave Alain Delon, the hitman, and this movie altogether are one of those pieces of cinema you can really use the word “cool” for.

There is a minimalistic, simple approach the director has throughout the film. The dialogue is minimal and Melville drains the colours from the video, building up suspense till the very end. Delon’s hitman is cool, calm and precise in his mannerism as he keeps his poker face till the end. From the very first scene the viewer is sucked in to this world as he patiently waits to leave for his impending assignment. He lives his life by his rules and till the very end does not compromise on it.
It was interesting to note that he was always on the run when he was in more modern posh areas of the city, feeling only safe at his own dreary apartment. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for movies beyond the usual fare dished out in theatres.

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